About Us

J. Michaels Associates is located in the lovely village of Romeo, Michigan. This Detroit suburb is centrally located to service both the North American and Global Markets.

J. Michaels Associates was organized in 1999 in order to provide comprehensive consulting services for the Polyurethane industry encompassing both automotive and non-automotive markets.

Our principal, Mr. Kerman has over forty years of experience in all phases of polyurethane product development, testing, marketing, manufacturing and sales. He has 20 years of experience in the automotive marketplace and 20 years of experience in the Urethane Systems Business.

Automotive experience includes both national and international activity interfacing with OEM, academic and government professionals. The principal areas of focus are Interior trim, Seating, Acoustics and Occupant Protection.

Non-automotive experience involves such diverse areas as hot molded elastomers, micro-cellular elastomers, Snow Skis, Appliances, Rigid Slab Stock, Recreational Vehicles, Integral Skin, and the Shoe Market. We have developed products and processes to run on continue production lines, hand mix free-rise cavity fill, and both Hot Molded and HR Molded foams.

This diverse background has led to a broad understanding of not only the material development, but also how to meet multiple diverse specifications.

Additional activities have included Protection of Intellectual Property with confidentiality agreements, patents and trademarks, where applicable.

Since our founding we have aided our clients by: