Mixers for Polyurethane and other reactive materials

During the past forty years we have found this mixer to be the best design for small hand batch mixing of polyurethane materials. Whether you need to make a few prototype parts, blend a resin component or establish QA reaction time controls, this mixer blade will help. Its unique design allows you to get a good mix by wiping the bottom of the mix cup and permitting light contact with the sides of the cup with out tearing it. When run in the standard clockwise direction the mixers will draw materials from the bottom up reducing air entrainment. The mixers blade is partially machined cast Aluminum alloy and the shaft is a hefty inch diameter Stainless Steel. The end of the mixer shaft may be turned down to accommodate different chuck sizes.

The larger mixer is 85 mm in diameter and costs $130.00 USD
The smaller mixer is 62 mm in diameter and costs $120.00 USD

Please specify the diameter of the mixer you wish to purchase and any modification required. There will be an at cost charge for modifications unless agreed upon prior in writing or by E-mail.

Quantity discounts available.

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